Threads 12 月 14 日或登陆欧盟

Threads 12月14日或登陆欧盟

软餐获悉,Meta 在 Threads 官网上线了倒计时页面,身居欧洲的互联网用户访问 Threads 网站都可以看到倒计时。倒计时指向当地时间 12 月 14 日的零点。虽然 Meta 尚未官宣,但这显然暗示 Threads 将在该时间点登陆欧盟市场。随着 X(Twitter)平台陷入新一轮信任危机,作为竞争对手的 Threads 有望在欧洲俘获数百万用户。由于欧盟对在线服务的监管,Threads 最初发布时并未向欧盟开放

Meta has launched a countdown page on the Threads official website, visible to internet users in Europe. The countdown is set to local time midnight on December 14th, indicating an imminent launch of Threads in the European Union market, although Meta has not made an official announcement yet. With the X (Twitter) platform facing a new round of trust crisis, Threads, as a competitor, is expected to attract millions of users in Europe. Due to regulatory oversight of online services by the European Union, Threads was initially not available to EU users upon its initial release.

Threads 12月14日或登陆欧盟


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