WhatsApp 推出「一次性」语音消息:听一次即自毁


软餐获悉,即时通讯应用程序 WhatsApp 正在推出 “一次性” 的语音消息功能。未来几天它将到达所有用户的设备上。类似于仅可查看一次的文本消息(View Once),语音消息的接收者只能被允许收听一次语音消息,之后消息将自毁消失。一次性语音消息旁会显示一个独立的小图标(上图)。发送一次性语音消息时,用户需要点击 View Once 图标。WhatsApp 于两年前为其照片和视频推出了 View Once 功能。WhatsApp 同时警告用户,对方可能使用第二部手机对一次性语音消息进行录制。

The instant messaging application WhatsApp is launching a “one-time” voice message feature. It will arrive on all users’ devices in the next few days. Similar to the View Once feature for text messages, recipients of voice messages will only be allowed to listen to them once, after which the messages will self-destruct. A separate small icon (shown above) will appear next to the one-time voice message. When sending a one-time voice message, users need to click on the View Once icon. Two years ago, WhatsApp introduced the View Once feature for its photos and videos. WhatsApp also warns users to be aware that the recipient may use a second phone to record one-time voice messages.



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