iPhone 16 的麦克风将获「显著升级」

软餐获悉,分析师郭明锜透露,苹果公司将为 iPhone 16 系列提供改进的麦克风。相比上一代 iPhone,iPhone 16 设备的麦克风规格将有 “显著升级”,包括更好的防水性能和信噪比,尤其是使用 Siri 时互动效果会更好。苹果也将在市场推广材料中突出展示 iPhone 16 的人工智能功能。歌尔股份 (Goertek) 和 ACC 是 iPhone 15 麦克风的生产商,它们将继续为 iPhone 16 供应麦克风。预计 iPhone 16 系列将于 2024 年 9 月上市。

Analyst Guo Mingqi revealed that Apple will provide improved microphones for the iPhone 16 series. Compared to the previous generation of iPhones, the microphone specifications of iPhone 16 devices will have a “significant upgrade,” including better waterproof performance and signal-to-noise ratio, especially for better interaction when using Siri. Apple will also highlight the artificial intelligence features of the iPhone 16 in its marketing materials. Goertek and ACC are manufacturers of microphones for the iPhone 15 and they will continue to supply microphones for the iPhone 16. The iPhone 16 series is expected to be released in September 2024.

iPhone 16的麦克风将获「显著升级」


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