软餐获悉,在今天微软向 Windows 11 预览体验计划推送的 Win11 build 26010(Canary 通道)和 Windows 11 build 23601(Dev 通道)中,Windows 记事本获得了两项新功能。

  • 使用记事本编辑:只需右键单击文件资源管理器中的任意文件或多个文件,即可在上下文菜单中找到 [使用记事本编辑] 选项,以快速在记事本中打开和编辑文件。
  • 统计文档字符数:通过状态栏中显示的新字符数来跟踪文档的长度。选择文本后,状态栏会显示所选文本和整个文档的字符数。如果未选择任何文本,则会显示整个文档的字符数。

Soft Meal learned that in today’s Windows 11 preview experience program pushed by Microsoft, Windows Notepad has gained two new features in Win11 build 26010 (Canary channel) and Windows 11 build 23601 (Dev channel).

Edit with Notepad: Simply right-click any file or multiple files in File Explorer to find the “Edit with Notepad” option in the context menu, allowing you to quickly open and edit files in Notepad.
Character count for documents: Track the length of a document through the new character count displayed in the status bar. After selecting text, the status bar will show both the selected text and total character count of the entire document. If no text is selected, it will display the total character count of the entire document.



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