Facebook 和 Messenger 的聊天/通话将支持端到端加密

软餐获悉,社交媒体巨头 Meta 宣布,将为旗下 Messenger 和 Facebook 上的所有个人聊天和通话推出端到端 (E2E) 加密支持。这将实现防止包括 Meta 在内的任何中间人窥探你的聊天内容。在支持加密的同时,用户将保留主题和自定义反应等熟悉的功能,并将获得多个新功能,包括:编辑 15 分钟内发出的消息、24 小时自毁消息、消息已读回执控制、高清视频和照片分享(测试中);以 1.5 倍和 2 倍的速度收听语音消息、从上次中断处收听语音消息等。Meta 将需要几个月时间推出这些改动。

Social media giant Meta has announced that it will introduce end-to-end (E2E) encryption support for all personal chats and calls on its Messenger and Facebook platforms. This will prevent any intermediaries, including Meta, from snooping on your chat content. While retaining familiar features such as themes and custom reactions, users will also gain several new functionalities, including the ability to edit messages sent within 15 minutes, 24-hour self-destructing messages, message read receipt control, high-definition video and photo sharing (currently in testing), listening to voice messages at 1.5x and 2x speeds, and resuming voice messages from where they were last interrupted. It will take Meta a few months to roll out these changes.



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