Chrome 浏览器将获得 AI 撰写功能


软餐获悉,Chrome 浏览器的提交代码显示,谷歌正为 Chrome 添加名为 “Help me write” 的帖子撰写功能。Chrome 将使用 AI 根据用户的要求撰写文本,例如 “写一篇关于这家餐厅的五星评论”。用户可选择更正式或非正式的语气,还可通过命令控制文字的长度。该功能可能会提供其他语言版本。 Gmail 和 Google Docs 先前已获得 “Help me write” 能力。

The code submission of Chrome browser shows that Google is adding a feature called “Help me write” for Chrome. Chrome will use AI to write text based on user requests, such as “Write a five-star review about this restaurant.” Users can choose formal or informal tone and also control the length of the text through commands. This feature may be available in other languages. Gmail and Google Docs have previously obtained the ability of “Help me write”.

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