Meta 社交媒体应用 Threads 本月登陆欧洲

软餐获悉,知情人士说,Facebook 的母公司 Meta Platforms 计划于 12 月在欧洲推出其社交媒体平台 Threads。Threads 于今年 7 月上线,对全球大多数市场开放。但由于欧盟对在线服务的监管,Threads 并未在欧盟推出。据悉,为了遵守监管要求,Meta 将为欧盟用户提供在使用 Threads 时纯粹浏览的选项,而无需注册账户。

Insiders say that Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, plans to launch its social media platform Threads in Europe in December. Threads was launched in July this year and made available in most global markets. However, due to regulations on online services by the European Union (EU), Threads has not been introduced in the EU. It is reported that to comply with regulatory requirements, Meta will provide an option for EU users to purely browse Threads without needing to register an account.

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