iPhone 13 和 14 更新后将支持 15W 无线充电

软餐获悉,苹果将​​为 iPhone 13 和 14 手机提供 Qi2 支持,这是基于 MagSafe 的无线充电标准。这使得它们能够使用第三方配件以 15W 的功率进行无线充电。iOS 17.2 候选版本的变更日志中已包含了对更快无线充电的支持。苹果可能会在下周发布 iOS 17.2。Qi2 由两个配置文件组成。MPP(磁性功率配置文件)是基于 MagSafe 的标准,而 EPP(扩展功率配置文件)则不需要磁铁,并且基于第一版 Qi 技术开发。 Qi 最高可达 7.5W,而 Qi2 可达到 15W。许多手机都支持超过 15W 以上的快速无线充电。

Apple will provide Qi2 support for iPhone 13 and 14 phones, which is a wireless charging standard based on MagSafe. This allows them to wirelessly charge at a power of 15W using third-party accessories. The changelog for iOS 17.2 candidate version already includes support for faster wireless charging. Apple may release iOS 17.2 next week.Qi2 consists of two profiles. MPP (Magnetic Power Profile) is based on the MagSafe standard, while EPP (Extended Power Profile) does not require magnets and is developed based on the first version of Qi technology. Qi can reach up to 7.5W, while Qi2 can reach up to 15W. Many phones support fast wireless charging beyond 15W.

iPhone 13和14更新后将支持15W无线充电


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