Meta 将切断 Instagram 和 Messenger 间的聊天

软餐获悉,Meta 将从 2023 年 12 月中旬开始断开 Facebook Messenger 和 Instagram 两款应用程序间的聊天环境。这意味着届时两款应用间无法再发起新的聊天对话。联系人无法查看彼此的在线状态,已读确认也不会再发送,但现有的聊天仍可被阅读。据悉,Meta 此举是为了遵守欧洲数字市场法案(DMA)。Meta 在 2020 年开始允许 Instagram 用户与 Facebook 用户进行聊天。

Meta will disconnect the chat environment between Facebook Messenger and Instagram starting from mid-December 2023. This means that new chat conversations cannot be initiated between the two applications. Contacts will not be able to see each other’s online status, and read receipts will no longer be sent, but existing chats can still be read. It is reported that Meta’s move is in compliance with the European Digital Markets Act (DMA). Meta started allowing Instagram users to chat with Facebook users in 2020.



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