iOS 17 曝奇怪 Bug:打字时触发应用切换器

软餐获悉,互联网上的用户评论显示,iOS 17 中似乎存在一个奇怪的 Bug——当在虚拟键盘上快速输入内容时,iOS 的应用程序切换器会突然被激活,并意外地切换到另一个应用程序。据悉,该 bug 影响从 iOS 17.0 到 iOS 17.1.2 的所有版本。苹果公司尚未公开回应该问题。网友们摸索出了临时的解决方案:关闭 iPhone 上的 Reachability(单手操作)功能可以解决该问题。方法是进入 “设置”>“辅助功能”>“触摸”,关闭 Reachability。Reachability 是一项辅助功能,允许用户实现单手触控 iPhone 屏幕的顶部。

User comments on the Internet show that there seems to be a strange bug in iOS 17 – when typing quickly on the virtual keyboard, the iOS application switcher is suddenly activated and switches to another application unexpectedly. It is reported that this bug affects all versions from iOS 17.0 to iOS 17.1.2. Apple has not publicly responded to this issue yet. Netizens have found a temporary solution: disabling Reachability (one-handed operation) feature on iPhone can solve this problem. The method is to go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Touch”, and turn off Reachability. Reachability is an accessibility feature that allows users to touch the top of the iPhone screen with one hand.

iOS 17 曝奇怪Bug:打字时触发应用切换器


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