Spotify 宣布裁员 17%

软餐获悉,音频流媒体平台 Spotify 宣布将准备裁员 17%,约 1,500 人。这是该公司今年以来的第三次裁员。Spotify 首席执行官 Daniel Ek 周一宣布计划时称,尽管已努力降低成本,但 Spotify 的开支仍然过高。他说,由于经济增长放缓,加上利率上升导致借款成本增加,该公司承受了压力。“未来 Spotify 必须在运营、创新和解决问题方面保持敏捷,精简不仅是一种选择,更是一种必要。” 该公司预计,第四财季将出现 9,300 万-1.08 亿欧元的营业亏损,之前则预计实现 3,700 万欧元的营业利润。首席财务官 Paul Vogel 表示,该公司仍预计 2024 财年将盈利,且业务基本面依然良好。

Audio streaming platform Spotify announced that it will prepare to lay off 17%, or about 1,500 people, marking the company’s third round of layoffs this year. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced the plan on Monday, stating that despite efforts to reduce costs, Spotify’s expenses remain too high. He said that due to slowing economic growth and rising interest rates leading to increased borrowing costs, the company has been under pressure. “In the future, Spotify must maintain agility in operations, innovation, and problem-solving. Streamlining is not only a choice but also a necessity.”

The company expects a loss of €93-108 million in operating income for the fourth quarter, compared to its previous forecast of €37 million in operating profit. Chief Financial Officer Paul Vogel stated that the company still expects profitability by fiscal year 2024 and that its business fundamentals remain strong.



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