X(Twitter)将向订户开放 AI 聊天机器人 Grok

软餐获悉,马斯克表示,将在未来一周左右向 X 平台的 Premium+用户开放 Grok 人工智能聊天机器人的访问权限,优先顺序取决于订阅的时间。Grok 是马斯克拥有的 kAI 初创公司 xAI 的首款产品,今年 11 月开始针对部分 X 用户进行有限测试

Musk said he will open access to the Grok AI chatbot for Premium+ users on the X platform in about a week, with priority given based on subscription time. Grok is the first product of kAI, a startup owned by Musk’s xAI, and limited testing has been conducted for some X users since November this year.



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