Nextcloud 收购了开源 Web 邮箱软件 Roundcube

软餐获悉,开源的 Webmail 客户端 Roundcube 已被 Nextcloud 收购。后者称将雇佣更多雇员加快 Roundcube 的开发进程,两家公司希望为大型科技公司提供替代方案,并共同进行投资。未来 Roundcube 将继续作为独立服务提供。官方称尚无直接合并 Nextcloud 和 Roundcube 的计划,两个开源服务将保持专注于自托管和隐私保护的特点。而内置于 Nextcloud 中的电子邮件客户端 Nextcloud Mail 也不会被 Roundcube 取代。

Nextcloud 是一项开源服务,用户可以自行托管云存储。而 Roundcube 则是基于 IMAP 自行托管的电子邮件客户端。这两项服务均开源且免费,在自己系统、Docker 容器或云平台(如 VPS)上使用均可。

The open-source webmail client Roundcube has been acquired by Nextcloud. The latter plans to hire more employees to accelerate the development process of Roundcube. Both companies aim to provide alternative solutions for large tech companies and will jointly invest in this endeavor. In the future, Roundcube will continue to be offered as an independent service. There are currently no plans for a direct merger between Nextcloud and Roundcube, and both open-source services can still be used separately while maintaining their focus on self-hosting and privacy protection features. The built-in email client, Nextcloud Mail, within Nextcloud will not be replaced by Roundcube.

Nextcloud is an open-source service that allows users to self-host cloud storage. On the other hand, Roundcube is a self-hosted email client based on IMAP protocol. Both services are open-source and free to use on one’s own system, Docker container, or cloud platform (such as VPS).

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