Reddit 明年或再度尝试上市

消息人士称,社交媒体 Reddit 最快将在 2024 年第一季度再次申请挂牌上市。Reddit 目前处于上市静默期,因此无法针对挂牌上市传闻作任何回应。该公司曾在 2021 年底申请挂牌上市,当时预计对外筹集 7 亿美元资金,在 2022 年 1 月时更邀请摩根史丹利与高盛银行协助挂牌上市事宜,但后续却未能顺利挂牌上市,而当时估计市值增加为 150 亿美元规模。2005 年 6 月下旬,Reddit 在旧金山成立,它提供了类似 BBS 的模式,用户可自由发帖、评论和投票,帖子会根据受欢迎程度在首页或子分类获得排名。

Insiders say that social media platform Reddit is expected to reapply for an initial public offering (IPO) in the first quarter of 2024. Currently, Reddit is in a quiet period and cannot respond to IPO rumors. The company previously filed for an IPO at the end of 2021, with plans to raise $700 million in funding. In January 2022, it enlisted the help of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs for its listing process. However, the IPO did not proceed as planned, despite an estimated valuation increase to $15 billion at that time. Founded in late June 2005 in San Francisco, Reddit operates as a forum-like platform where users can freely post, comment, and vote on content. Posts are ranked based on popularity and appear on the homepage or relevant subcategories.



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