Instagram 推送了数量惊人的不雅短视频

软餐获悉,华尔街日报的一项测试显示,Meta 旗下社交媒体 Instagram 的 Reels 视频服务向该媒体建立的测试账号推送了数量惊人的不雅内容。这包括儿童不雅视频和露骨的成人色情视频,以及一些美国大品牌的广告。该媒体还观察到,在青少年网红账户的成千上万名粉丝中,经常包含有大量成年男性,后者也表现出对儿童和成人性内容的兴趣。儿童保护组织加拿大儿童保护中心 (Canadian Centre for Child Protection) 进行的测试也得出了类似的结果。

Meta 发言人回应称,《华尔街日报》的测试并不代表数十亿用户所看到的内容。对于为什么算法会将显示儿童、性和广告的不同视频编排在一起,该公司不予置评,Instagram 每个月都会对 400 万个涉嫌违反其标准的视频进行删除或限流。

Instagram Reels 短视频的广告主包括 Match、Bumble、迪士尼、沃尔玛、Hims、必胜客等知名公司,这些公司要么对 Meta 的回应表示不满,要么不予置评。可以肯定的是,这些知名品牌都不希望在不当内容旁投放广告,因为这有损其品牌形象。

A test conducted by The Wall Street Journal revealed that Meta’s social media platform, Instagram, pushed an alarming amount of explicit content to a test account created by the media outlet. This included inappropriate videos involving children, explicit adult content, as well as advertisements from some major American brands. The media outlet also observed that among the tens of thousands of followers of teenage influencer accounts, there was a significant presence of adult males who displayed an interest in both child and adult sexual content. Similar results were obtained in tests conducted by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

A spokesperson for Meta responded by stating that The Wall Street Journal’s test does not represent the content seen by billions of users. The company refrained from commenting on why the algorithm would group together different videos featuring children, sex, and advertisements. Instagram removes or limits the visibility of around 4 million videos each month that are suspected of violating its standards.

Prominent companies such as Match, Bumble, Disney, Walmart, Hims, and Pizza Hut advertise on Instagram’s Reels short video feature, and they either expressed dissatisfaction with Meta’s response or refrained from commenting. It is evident that these well-known brands do not want their advertisements to appear alongside inappropriate content as it would harm their brand image.



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