Auto Dark Mode:自动切换 Windows 暗黑模式

Auto Dark Mode:自动切换Windows暗黑模式

Auto Dark Mode 是一款可自动调节 Windows 夜间模式的开源小软件,可实现在预定时间里自动切换 Windows 的深色和浅色主题,适用于 Windows 11 和 Windows 10。最新版本修复了在禁用自动模式时主题切换仍然生效的问题,还包含了许多新的翻译。该软件还支持切换强调色、鼠标光标、桌面壁纸、Windows 主题或 Office 主题等功能。该软件是微软商店 2022 年度 “社区选择奖” 的获得者。

Auto Dark Mode is an open-source software that automatically adjusts the Windows night mode. It can switch between dark and light themes in Windows at predetermined times. It is compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10. The latest version fixes the issue of theme switching still being effective when automatic mode is disabled, and it also includes many new translations. This software also supports switching accent colors, mouse cursors, desktop wallpapers, Windows themes, or Office themes. The software is the winner of the Microsoft Store’s 2022 “Community Choice Award”.

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Auto Dark Mode:自动切换Windows暗黑模式


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