Microsoft Loop 已支持导出表格到 Excel

软餐获悉,继微软上周正式发布其协作应用程序 Microsoft Loop 之后,微软今天又宣布了一项新功能——用户现在可以将 Microsoft Loop 中制作的表格自动导出到 Excel 电子表格,以利用后者强大的计算功能。微软称,为了确保兼容性,Loop 的表数据类型将被映射到 Excel 中最相关的格式。Microsoft 365 商业用户可以可在 loop 上单击表格上的六点菜单,选择 “导出到 Excel”,表格数据会在 Excel 电子表格中自动创建,并且可以在 OneDrive 帐户和 SharePoint 帐户中访问。目前尚不清楚微软是否会将这项功能扩展到 Microsoft 365 消费者用户。

After officially launching its collaboration application Microsoft Loop last week, Microsoft announced a new feature today. Users can now automatically export tables created in Microsoft Loop to Excel spreadsheets, taking advantage of Excel’s powerful calculation capabilities. Microsoft stated that to ensure compatibility, the table data types in Loop will be mapped to the most relevant formats in Excel. Microsoft 365 business users can click the six-dot menu on the table in Loop, select “Export to Excel,” and the table data will be automatically created in an Excel spreadsheet, accessible in their OneDrive and SharePoint accounts. It is currently unclear whether Microsoft will extend this feature to Microsoft 365 consumer users.

Microsoft Loop 已支持导出表格到Excel


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