WhatsApp 即将支持绑定电子邮箱


软餐获悉,WhatsApp 正在测试账户绑定电子邮箱地址的新功能。在 iOS 版 WhatsApp 23.24.70 版中,部分用户可在 “设置” 菜单中绑定自己的电子邮箱地址,绑定的邮箱地址可用于登录 WhatsApp、验证新设备和收取 6 位数验证码,但不能取代 WhatsApp 的手机号码。其他 WhatsApp 用户无法看到你绑定的电子邮箱地址。尚不清楚该功能的全面发布时间。

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows users to link their email addresses to their accounts. In version 23.24.70 of WhatsApp for iOS, select users are able to bind their email addresses in the “Settings” menu. The linked email address can be used for logging into WhatsApp, verifying new devices, and receiving six-digit verification codes, but it cannot replace the phone number associated with WhatsApp. Other WhatsApp users will not be able to see the email address linkedto your account. The exact release date for this feature’s widespread availability is still unknown.

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