Chrome 扩展商店迎来全新 UI 改版


软餐访问谷歌 Chrome 网上应用店看到,谷歌为该商店带来了全面的 UI 更新。谷歌基于 Material You 风格重新设计了页面,并增加了新的扩展分类。搜索栏已被放置在右上角,并新增了更多筛选选项。谷歌表示,由于图标可读性的提升和新的设计,现在浏览 Chrome 网上应用店变得更加容易。

Google has brought a comprehensive UI update to the Chrome Web Store. Google has redesigned the pages based on the Material You style and added new extension categories. The search bar has been relocated to the top right corner, and additional filtering options have been introduced. According to Google, browsing the Chrome Web Store has become easier now with improved icon readability and the new design.



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