Google will provide a new UI redesign for Chrome this year


Google plans to provide a brand new version of Chrome browser later this year. Google has been developing “Chrome Refresh 2023” for months, which is referred to as “CR23” in some Chromium code snippets. The user interface experience of the browser has been quite stable over the past decade, with the last major update being in 2018.

  • Inspired by Material You design language, Chrome’s toolbar and pop-ups will adopt more rounded corner designs, and buttons will also be larger.
  • Recent submissions to the Chromium code repository show that Google is experimenting with background color, element height, text color and other aspects. In the future, there may be some degree of customization options (custom colors and appearance) available for Chrome.
  • The search bar will have the most obvious changes – the lock icon on the left side, warning or Chrome icon now appears as a fill button inside it.

These design changes are currently accessible through a series of experimental feature flags including #chrome-refresh-2023,#omnibox-cr23-expanded-state-height and #omnibox-cr23-expanded-state-shape.

Google will provide a new UI redesign for Chrome this year
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