Google search is currently testing the ‘topic filters’ function.


Google is revamping its filtering function for its search engine. In addition to the existing filters for images, maps, videos, news and other results, Google has added topic filters. For example, when searching for “dinner ideas,” Google will display topic filters such as “healthy” or “easy,” which will help users narrow down their search results with just one click and save time.

The topics are dynamic and change based on user clicks. For example, if a user clicks on “healthy,” they may see options like “vegetarian” or “quick” in the next set of results. Additionally, Google has introduced a new dropdown menu called “All Filters,” allowing users to customize their own filters according to their preferences.

Google is currently testing these new features in desktop and mobile versions of its search results but only for English-speaking users in the United States.

Google search is currently testing the 'topic filters' function.


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