The decentralized social network Bluesky will create an ‘algorithm marketplace’

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Bluesky is developing an algorithm marketplace. This will allow developers to experiment with different types of algorithms on the platform, and users will have a deeper understanding of how these code libraries work and better control over their social media experience. CEO Jay Graber said that Bluesky is pursuing a future where users can have better control over what they see on social media. To achieve this, the classic “main algorithm” must be thoroughly reformed. “We hope to create an open market for algorithm development.” Bluesky has started developing the necessary APIs and interfaces for the algorithm marketplace.

Founded in 2019 by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Bluesky is developing a decentralized social networking protocol as well as the decentralized social application Bluesky Social.

The decentralized social network Bluesky will create an 'algorithm marketplace'





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