Google releases Nearby Share for Windows client

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谷歌发布Nearby Share for Windows客户端

Google has released the beta version of Nearby Share for Windows on its Android project website. This application can be used to share files between Windows 11/Windows 10 computers and Android phones.

To use Nearby Share for Windows to send files from your computer to your phone, simply drag the file onto the interface shown in the picture. Users can choose to log in with their Google account to use this service, which skips the device approval process. To send a file from your smartphone to your PC, open the sharing menu, click “Nearby Share,” and then select your computer from the list of available devices.

Google Nearby Share is currently only available in some regions and only supports Windows 10 or 11 (not ARM64 devices). The mobile device must run Android 6.0 or higher, both sending and receiving devices must support Bluetooth, be on the same network, and within a distance of 16 feet or 5 meters.

Based on our observations, Google has always performed poorly in such applications; it’s difficult for them to compete with many other products on offer in terms of functionality and user experience. We believe that this client will also not be an exception.


Google releases Nearby Share for Windows client





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