Chrome will bring a ‘reading mode’ for users with reading disabilities

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Google announced at BETT (British Educational Technology and Training Show) that it will launch a reading mode for Chrome browser and ChromeOS. This feature is designed specifically for students and people with language learning difficulties such as reading disabilities. Users can access the reader view in the side panel of Chrome, as shown in the picture above, which removes elements on the screen that hinder reading, such as images and videos. It also allows customization of font, font size, spacing or background color.

The Reading Mode will be launched in ChromeOS 114 and Chrome 114.

In addition, many improvements will be made to products such as Screencast recording app, cast moderator, custom tools for ChromeOS administrators, Google Classroom and Google Workspace with the release of ChromeOS 112 in April.

Chrome will bring a 'reading mode' for users with reading disabilities





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