One-Minute Introduction to the Image Creator Feature on New Bing

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Microsoft has launched an AI image creation feature called “Image Creator” on New Bing.

Here are some details about this tool:

  • The Image Creator is currently open to all users without waiting or application.
  • According to Microsoft, the Image Creator allows users to create “non-existent images”. Users only need to input a description, any other description (such as location or activity), and an artistic style, and the Image Creator will create corresponding images.
  • New Bing provides 25 default enhanced generation quotas for each user, which can help create images faster. When the 25 enhanced opportunities are used up, the image creation process will take longer.
  • Currently, the Image Creator only supports English descriptions. Microsoft says it will expand to other languages in the future.
  • Microsoft reminds users that the more detailed the description, the better the image’s effect. Users can use adjectives, locations, and even artistic styles to describe.
  • Microsoft allows the use of Microsoft Rewards points to exchange for additional enhanced creation opportunities to enjoy faster processing time.
  • To delete an image created using the Image Creator, users can visit the search history page:
  • The Image Creator is powered by DALL-E 2, an AI technology.
  • When entering a description, Microsoft will intercept inappropriate content to avoid generating inappropriate images.

A blog post shows that Microsoft has launched the Image Creator in specific markets since October 2022.

One-Minute Introduction to the Image Creator Feature on New Bing





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