Kai-Fu Lee is organizing an AI enterprise “Project AI 2.0”

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Kai-Fu Lee, the chairman of Innovation Works, announced on social media that he is organizing a new company called Project AI 2.0 and openly recruiting top AI talent.

According to a press release by Innovation Works, Kai-Fu Lee believes that after the major breakthroughs in deep learning, AI has reached a turning point from 1.0 to 2.0. AI 2.0 will bring a platform-style revolution, rewriting user entry points and interfaces, and giving birth to a new platform that will drive the R&D and commercialization of the next generation of AI 2.0 applications. AI 2.0 will be the most important empowering technology for improving overall social productivity in the 21st century.

Kai-Fu Lee proposed that AI 2.0 will accelerate the ignition of commercial potential in six major areas, entering a period of productivity improvement. These areas include AI 2.0 + e-commerce/advertising, AI 2.0 + film/entertainment, AI 2.0 + search engines, AI 2.0 + metaverse/games, AI 2.0 + finance, and AI 2.0 + healthcare. In the AI 2.0 era, Innovation Works will mainly focus on three directions: AI 2.0 intelligent applications, AI 2.0 platforms, and AI infrastructure.

Kai-Fu Lee is organizing an AI enterprise "Project AI 2.0"





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