Baidu Opens Beta Test Application Channel for “Ernie Bot” AI Chatbot

Baidu has opened the beta test application channel for its “Ernie Bot”(Wenxin Yiyan) chatbot for ordinary users. Users can apply to join the beta test by visiting the application page and logging in to their Baidu account. After a successful application, users will receive a notification via SMS. Many users have already obtained beta test qualifications on the day of the product launch.

Application link:

“Ernie Bot”(Wenxin Yiyan) is a new member of Baidu’s Wenxin large model family, a new generation of knowledge-enhanced language models. It can interact with people, answer questions, assist in creating content, and efficiently help people obtain information, knowledge, and inspiration.


Baidu Opens Beta Test Application Channel for "Ernie Bot" AI Chatbot





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