Z-Library Calls on Users for Donations: “Under Unprecedented Pressure”

Z-Library is sending out emails to its users – the website is now holding its regular bi-annual fundraising campaign (in March and September each year), calling on users who are able to donate to help with the continued maintenance and development of the website. Z-Library states that it is going through its most difficult time in the 14 years since its inception, and is “under unprecedented pressure” due to the US ban.

In return, Z-Library promises to provide one month of unlimited download access to users who donate. The fundraising campaign will run from March 15 to April 1.

Below is the original email.

Z-Library is one of the important online resources for researches and book lovers. We aim to make literature accessible to everyone.As you may know, almost all public domains of the library were blocked in November 2022 by order of the US Secret Service. The inner infrastructure of the project suffered some substantial damage too. Today, we are still under unprecedented pressure. At the moment, Z-Library is going through the hardest times in all the 14 years of its existence. The library might work with interruptions, and we ask you to be patient. Be sure – we are doing everything possible to provide free access to knowledge for millions of people across the globe, and we expect you to help us with that and to support us.

But despite all the difficulties, the library continues to function and develop. We have recently introduced several important features: the new recommendations section, comments to booklists, the new web-site menu, personal domains and Telegram Bot, and more.

Your active support gives strength to our Team and inspires to work. Each donated dollar is not only money for us, but it is also the confidence that you really need our project!

On March 15, 2023, as in March and September of each year, we launched additional fundraising to project maintenance and development. We will be extremely thankful for every dollar that will be donated. Furthermore, UNLIMITED downloads (for 1 month) are available for ALL contributors who will donate during the fundraising period. The fundraising will run until April 1, 2023.

Millions of people use Z-Library every month for their purposes — this shows us that we are on the correct track. But it will be difficult to achieve our goals without your help.

Please consider making a donation.

Z-Library Calls on Users for Donations: "Under Unprecedented Pressure"

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