Microsoft announces a series of improvements to new Bing

On March 17th, Microsoft officially announced a series of updates to new Bing.

Some of these improvements have already been released earlier this week.

  • Edge browser gets new Bing sidebar: With the release of Edge v111.0.1661.41, Edge users can chat with new Bing in the browser sidebar.
  • Increased chat limit to 15/150: The daily chat quota for new Bing has been increased to 150 questions, with 15 back-and-forth exchanges per session.
  • Faster response testing: Microsoft is testing optimizations for the “balanced” mode, which provides faster response times.
  • Sharing new Bing chats: Sharing of new Bing answers is now supported on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or using a persistent link.
  • Improved context understanding: Bing’s ability to absorb more/longer context in “creativity” conversations has been improved.
  • Group chat with Bing in Skype: Users can now use Bing preview with friends in Skype. Simply join a group chat with at least one approved person, add Bing as a participant, and everyone can chat with it, regardless of their waiting list status.
Microsoft announces a series of improvements to new Bing


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