Baidu has released the “Ernie Bot” large language model to the public

[ 更新于 2023 年 3 月 19 日 ]

Baidu has released the "Ernie Bot" large language model to the public

On the afternoon of March 16th, Baidu released the long-awaited “Ernie Bot”(Wenxin Yiyan)chatbot. Baidu’s CEO demonstrated the abilities of “Ernie Bot,” including literary and commercial copywriting, mathematical logic reasoning, Chinese language understanding, and multimodal generation.

  • At the press conference, Li Yanhong used a pre-recorded video to demonstrate “Ernie Bot.” He explained that asking questions to the AI requires a lot of input, so the demo was pre-recorded to save time.
  • There was no actual testing demonstration of “Ernie Bot” at the press conference.
  • The internal testing of “Ernie Bot” uses an invitation system, and only users who have an invitation code can test it.
  • The English language understanding ability of “Ernie Bot” is not as strong as its Chinese language understanding ability due to less training material in English.
  • Li Yanhong said that due to cost considerations, “Ernie Bot” does not currently support the “video generation” feature in the demo.
  • Baidu acknowledges that “Ernie Bot” is not perfect and needs to be improved based on user feedback.
  • Starting from March 16th, the first batch of users can experience the product on the Ernie Bot official website with an invitation code, and more users will be invited later.
  • Baidu Intelligent Cloud will soon open the Ernie Bot API interface calling service for enterprise customers, and the reservation for the cloud service testing is now open.


Baidu has released the "Ernie Bot" large language model to the public





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