DuckDuckGo Launches ChatGPT Search Tool: Try These Questions

Search engine DuckDuckGo recently launched a search tool called DuckAssist, which is based on ChatGPT. According to the official description, DuckDuckGo’s search tool seems to be better because it is integrated with the search engine, providing a more natural and efficient experience.

However, in our tests, DuckDuckGo seems to have not fully released this feature yet. We used several questions, including the demonstration question provided by DuckDuckGo, but we couldn’t summon the DuckAssist bot.

Interested readers can try the following questions on their own devices, and perhaps you have already obtained this feature before us:

  • Do ducks fly together? (DuckDuckGo’s demonstration question)
  • What are the rules of football?
  • Who founded Apple?
  • What is Newton’s first law?
  • Who is Elon Musk?


  • Currently, DuckAssist only supports English and does not support Chinese or other languages.
  • The official statement says that adding “wiki” to the question can help summon DuckAssist.


DuckDuckGo Launches ChatGPT Search Tool: Try These Questions





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