WhatsApp promises to make user terms more transparent

A press release from the European Commission indicates that Meta has once again promised to make its best effort to fully comply with EU rules and to make its user terms more transparent and clear. The EU regulatory bodies, including consumer protection agencies and the European Commission, have recently had a dialogue with Meta, and this press release is the result of that conversation.

WhatsApp has promised to make its user terms changes more transparent. Additionally, the company will make it easier for users to reject updates and will provide clear explanations if such refusal results in the inability to use WhatsApp services. Furthermore, WhatsApp confirms that it will not share users’ personal data with third parties or other Meta companies (including Facebook) for advertising purposes.

In early 2021, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy, which allowed its parent company Facebook to access WhatsApp user data. This move caused a huge controversy and led many users to switch to other platforms such as Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp promises to make user terms more transparent

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