Two ChatGPT apps now available for Apple devices

Accessing ChatGPT previously required opening a browser and visiting the website, but two new apps for Apple devices make this process easier.


Developer Jordi Bruin describes MacGPT as “a simple macOS native app” that allows users to quickly access ChatGPT from the menu bar. MacGPT loads the ChatGPT interface in the browser. Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned for faster access to the tool by clicking on the gear icon. Due to macOS limitations, secure key login is not supported on MacGPT. MacGPT is currently available for free.

Get MacGPT from the developer’s website (enter 0 in the price field):


This app allows users to access ChatGPT from their Apple Watch. Features include:

Quick answers to questions or generating longer messages without typing Sharing interactive results via text, email, or social media Setting the app as a watch face control (Complication) for easy access

watchGPT is currently in testing and will soon be available on the App Store for $4.99.


Two ChatGPT apps now available for Apple devices

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