Microsoft shuts down “Secret Celebrity Mode” on new Bing

Microsoft has shut down the “Secret Celebrity Mode” on new Bing. This was a hidden feature on new Bing that, when activated, allowed users to talk to new Bing in the voice of a specified celebrity.

But now the activation code (#celebrity [celebrity name]) no longer works to activate the mode. Whether we specify Musk or Biden, new Bing now only responds mechanically with “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to respond” and you can no longer continue the conversation on the current topic. It is clear that Microsoft quickly shut down the feature after it was discovered, fearing that new Bing might cause more trouble.

Since the preview release of new Bing, millions of users have gained access to the preview. As a result, more and more new “play modes” for new Bing are being discovered.


Microsoft shuts down "Secret Celebrity Mode" on new Bing





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