Microsoft increases new Bing daily question quota to 120

Microsoft has once again increased the daily chat quota for new Bing, allowing each user to ask 120 questions per day. This metric was raised from 60 to 100 questions in late February.

Mikhail Parakhin, head of Microsoft Advertising and Network Services, announced the news and provided additional information in response to user inquiries.

He stated that some users reported that new Bing could not read web pages/documents longer than one page. The responsible person said they were discussing adding support for longer contexts and would share related news within a week.

When asked if new Bing could listen to the audio track of videos, the responsible person stated that new Bing was text-based and incapable of listening to audio, as this “would require multimodal capabilities”. However, the person confirmed that Bing Chat could read any text in the video, including subtitles, metadata, and URLs.


Microsoft increases new Bing daily question quota to 120





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