Telegram for macOS adds power-saving mode

Telegram recently added a power-saving mode in its macOS version to help save device battery. To enable it, go to the settings page, select power-saving mode, and turn it on. Besides manually turning on this option, Telegram also supports automatic activation of power-saving mode. Simply drag the slider under the low power option to a specific value, such as 20%, and the power-saving mode will automatically turn on when the device reaches 20% battery life.

When the power-saving mode is on, automatic playback of videos, GIFs, sticker animations, emojis, and interface animations on Telegram will be disabled. This feature is available in version 9.4.2 of Telegram for macOS, available on the Mac App Store.

In addition, readers can also disable automatic media downloads under “Settings” > “Data and Storage” to further save power.

Telegram for macOS adds power-saving mode
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