Meta Reveals More Details About AR Smart Headset Quest 3

[ 更新于 2023 年 3 月 6 日 ]

According to information shared internally within Meta’s Reality Labs department, the AR headset Quest 3, which Meta plans to release later this year, will have 41 new applications and games and will include new mixed reality experiences to take advantage of the powerful hardware. Mark Rabkin, Meta’s VP of VR, described the experience of the device: “From the moment you put on this headset, mixed reality has to feel better, easier, more natural. You can effortlessly walk through your house because you know you can see clearly. You can place anchors and other things on your desk. You can take away your coffee. You can stay in there for days.”

Other details about Quest 3 and future devices include:

  • Quest 3 will feature a “viewfinder” display screen that users can use to view received messages, scan QR codes, and support real-time text translation.
  • Quest 3 will come with an intelligent wristwatch with a “neural interface” that will allow users to control AR experiences through hand gestures. The neural watch will also allow wearers to use a virtual keyboard for quick word entry.
  • A smartwatch with a camera will be an optional upgrade that can integrate with apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • Meta’s true AR glasses, codenamed “Orion,” will be launched in 2027.
  • Meta will rely on its existing advertising business model to help it profit from the next generation of smart devices.


Meta Reveals More Details About AR Smart Headset Quest 3





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