Twitter’s former CEO launches decentralized social app Bluesky Social

[ 更新于 2023 年 3 月 6 日 ]

A new decentralized social app called “Bluesky Social” has been launched on Apple AppStore.

“Bluesky” app has a big background – it was developed by Bluesky, a startup company with the same name as Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey. The app interface on AppStore shows that the app is similar to Twitter’s experience, users can post up to 256 characters of content, while providing notifications and “retweets”, but DM (private messages) are not available yet.

Currently “Bluesky” is still in beta stage, only specific users who have received invitation codes can register and experience the app. It is not clear when it will open registration for public. As early as October 2022, Bluesky company had published insights on its decentralized social network protocol The AT Protocol. Officially said that this protocol enables decentralized social networks operated by multiple websites and users.“The AT Protocol is a new federated social network. It integrates ideas from latest decentralized technologies into a simple, fast and open network.” Officially said Bluesky can provide account portability, algorithm choice , interoperability and better performance.


Twitter’s former CEO launches decentralized social app Bluesky Social





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